Ihr Partner für Baustoff- und Bauteilprüfungen

Mission statement construction laboratory



Our vision:

The construction laboratory of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a research center and scientific business partner in the fields of building physics, building material technology and structural engineering, as well as a university training center for students of civil engineering & architecture with a focus on current topics with technical, economic and ecosocial relevance.

Quality policy

The construction laboratory at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is a certified testing institute (ISO 9001, Systemcert) and ensuring high quality is a top priority. For this reason, results and work processes are constantly reflected upon and further optimized through continuous improvements to work processes and externally monitored modern testing facilities.

Handling of results

Any information obtained from research or a service is handled in strict confidence and is not passed on to third parties or published without the express wish/consent of the client. In addition, the maintenance of impartiality and integrity is mandatory in all areas of the construction laboratory (structural engineering, building materials technology, building physics).


The practice-orientated research of future-oriented topics with technical, economic and eco-social relevance at national and international level, combined with the dissemination of knowledge via relevant platforms, congress appearances and specialist articles, should contribute to the sustainable further development of the relevant research issues on a scientific basis. New innovative approaches are often used to solve problems in the public research field, but also in co-operation for and with industrial partners. The independence of the research, the objectivity of the experimental investigations and the orientation towards the state of the art in science are the guiding principles here. High-performance testing facilities and high-quality metrological equipment and sensor technology allow small-body and component tests to be carried out at the highest quality level.


By integrating the construction laboratory into the students’ education and carrying out project work and final theses as part of research projects, high-quality teaching can be offered with individual supervision. Students can also familiarise themselves with relevant individual issues and research them. According to the principle of “learning by doing”, there are virtually no limits to what they can do in the construction laboratory.

R&D service

The range of services is tailored to the needs of the client and is generally carried out in the ISO 9001-certified area. We are always open to new, unusual requests for testing services. Constant updating of the range of services and equipment ensures guaranteed state-of-the-art processing. Orders are carried out promptly and result in detailed and objective test reports.

Resource management, working methods and team

We recognise the employees working in the construction laboratory as our most valuable resource and continuously invest in their further development and expertise. Sustainable, value-adding use of all resources (personnel, consumables and testing equipment) determines the forward-looking planning and execution of projects. The laboratory’s scientific team guarantees constant alignment and orientation to the latest state of the art through its involvement in national and international standards associations and federations, as well as in the course of its role as a training centre. Creativity on the one hand and a methodical, precise and interdisciplinary approach on the other guarantee the best possible realisation of project goals.