Ihr Partner für Baustoff- und Bauteilprüfungen

Work preparation / material development

Workshop for self-build formwork for small/medium and large components
Laboratory for recipe development with Eirich mixer, stone crusher and low-temperature furnace for post-treatment
Specimen grinding machine for specimen preparation of cylinders, cubes and prisms
Planetary mixer with a capacity of 200 litres for normal, high-strength and ultra-high-strength concretes

Carrying out the experiment

Portal frame with two hydraulic cylinders for mechanical tests on medium and large components (main cylinder 2100 kN in compression and dynamic cylinder 500 kN tension/compression at maximum test frequency of approx. 6 Hz), as well as a reinforced test area for load transfer (~5 m x 10 m)
Low-temperature furnace for post-treatment of small test specimens
Dowel extraction machine for testing dowels on concrete test specimens (maximum 200 kN)
Universal tensile/compression testing machine for material tests and small test specimens (bending tensile tests, tensile tests, etc.) with up to 250 kN
hydraulic cylinder for high-strength material and small-body tests, with a maximum test load of 5000 kN and maximum dimensions of 0.65 m in height and 0.5 m in length and width

Measurement technology and special equipment

Chemical laboratory
Measuring equipment (software and hardware) for displacement transducers, optical displacement transducers, strain gauges, temperature sensors, digital photogrammetry and evaluation computers
Climate chamber for simulating freeze-thaw cycles (-20 to +40 degrees Celsius) in a two-chamber system for wall-type components
Experimental test furnace for fire resistance tests on horizontal components with a size of 0.85 x 0.85 m