Ihr Partner für Baustoff- und Bauteilprüfungen

The activities of the construction laboratory in the area of R&D (research and development) are divided into:

The following projects are currently being carried out in the construction laboratory:


SITAR:  Supporting the construction Industry in the Transition towards climate-friendly practices in the Alpine Region

Content: The Interreg project SITAR will contribute to accelerate the transition of the construction industry towards climate-friendly practices in the Alpine region. It will analyse the opportunities offered by modern technologies and advanced approaches to the design, construction, refurbishment and upgrading of buildings from an environmental perspective. The project will assess the existence of barriers (practical, economic, etc.) that prevent or slow down such a transition and will develop modern solutions to overcome them.

You can find more information here, download the project flyer or contact the project manager Edoardo Rossi directly.

Cleanstone: Reduction of dusting during the extraction of rocks in quarries

Content: Cleanstone is intended to lead the stone industry into a new era in which its competitiveness is promoted and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are introduced. It is an interdisciplinary project to establish new production chains and create an environmentally orientated awareness. To this end, five partner organisations – universities, research centres and associations – are working together with numerous local stone quarrying companies. As a first step, utilisation techniques are to be integrated into a single framework tailored to SMEs in the stone industry.

You can find more information here or contact the project manager Martin Schneider directly.

CON_FIT: Performance-oriented use of fibre- and textile-reinforced high-strength concretes for structural strengthening of load-bearing structures

Content: The focus of the project is to investigate suitable reinforcement methods for existing structures based on performance-orientated combinations of high-strength and ultra-high-strength concretes with modern reinforcement technologies and to make them available to the Austrian construction industry. The evaluation is carried out under the aspects of load-bearing capacity, serviceability, durability and user-friendliness in the application, as well as the criteria of sustainable strengthening, including ecological aspects.

You can find more information here or contact the project manager Norbert Randl directly.

CoNNa: Construction Needs Nature

Content: The research group focusses on the conflicting issues of nature conservation, space consumption and resource scarcity. The issues developed in this respect are the development of implementation practices to establish nature conservation on construction sites, as well as to transfer the topic of nature awareness via the concepts of strong sustainability, renewable raw materials, resource conservation and environmental protection into practicable application algorithms for the planning and execution of buildings. The resulting solutions will be disseminated at a strictly networked European level. The resulting goal is the creation of an expert centre for natural building and thus also its training.

You can find more information here, download the project flyer or contact the project manager  Martin Schneider directly.

FuCoSo: Future Concrete Solutions

Content: The focus is on the further development of efficient, robust high-performance concretes for aesthetically sophisticated construction methods. The objectives include the technical feasibility in Austria and the consideration of an economically justifiable construction method for the sustainable design of the environment. Quality assurance measures and modern building monitoring technologies are intended to ensure the targeted performance over the life cycle of the buildings in the long term.

You can find more information here, download the project flyer or contact the project manager Norbert Randl directly.