Ihr Partner für Baustoff- und Bauteilprüfungen

The construction laboratory also offers services, some of which are listed below:

Year Client Activities
2024 HPC-IBK, water supply association Assessment of elevated tanks
2023 Ortner GmbH Reinforcement detection
2023 SV Lasser Herbert Moisture determination for EPS insulation
2023 Zellstoff Pöls AG Determination of compressive strength of fixed
2023 Horn and Partner Reinforcement scan
2023 Sonnenbogen Gailtal Resistography
2023 State Hospitals Operating Company KABEG Reinforcement scan
2023 SES Spar European Shopping Centres GmbH Tensile adhesion tests; chloride analyses
2023 Voestalpine Railway Systems ASR analysis 
2022 W.W. Donath Corrosion diagnostics
2022 Sonnenbogen Gailtal Resistography
2022 Construction technology testing and research institute Pressure test on manhole covers
2022 Construction company Erdbau Golger GmbH Tensile adhesion tests
2022 Brunnenplatz Immobilien Verwaltungs- GmbH Masonry testing, concrete strength testing
2022 Kastner ZT-GmbH Corrosion diagnostics
2022 DI Michael Winkler Condition assessment after a fire
2021 BM Johannes Goritschnig Tiled stove
2021 City of Villach, DI Pichler Ferroscan measurements on anchor ribs for slope
2021 W.W. Donath Corrosion diagnostics
2021 Monika Sartori Ferroscan measurements on balconies
2021 LWBK State Housing Carinthia Ferroscan measurements on the Schwemmtratten-
straße residential building
2021 Strabag AG Tensile bond tests
2020 ZT Arendt RK Lienz Concrete technology tests after fire damage
2020 LWBK Concrete technological
2020 W.W. Donath Corrosion diagnostics
2020 Starmann Binder analyses
2020 W.W. Donath Corrosion diagnostics
2019 KELAG Concrete technological investigations
2019 ZT Arendt, GHS Lienz Concrete technological investigations after fire damage
2018 ZT Berger Concrete technological analyses
2017 Go Vertical Anchoring test
2017 ZT Baumgartner Corrosion diagnostics
2017 ZT Urban Bridge examination Reinforcement scan
2017 ZT Baumgartner Corrosion diagnostics
2017 Asfinag Binder Cement determination in hardened concrete
2017 ZT Pruckner Cement determination
2016 Horn and Partner Concrete technological analyses
2016 Municipality of Millstatt Concrete
2015 Mondi company Reinforcement scan
2015 Municipality of Kötschach Reinforcement scan
2015 IB Baumgartner Potential field measurement
2015 IB Baumgartner Chloride profiles
2014 Municipality of Tamsweg Corrosion diagnostics
2014 IB Baumgartner Corrosion diagnostics
2013 KABEG Reinforcement scan
2013 Corr-Less Dr Eichler Potential field measurement
2013 Dr Linse Munich Corrosion diagnostics
2012 City of Rottenmann Concrete
2012 Klagenfurt sewage treatment plant Concrete
2012 ZT Urban Reinforcement scan
2012 PP engineering cathodic corrosion protection
2012 Massenberg company Corrosion diagnostics
2011 Granit company Corrosion diagnostics
2011 Weitzer hotel operations Corrosion diagnostics
2010 MABAG Potential field measurement
2010 Korupp Twist company Potential field measurement, reinforcement
2010 Asfinag Corrosion diagnostics
2010 ZT Unterreiter Chloride profiles